The Benefits of Ionic Foot Bath

One effective way to detox the body is by getting a colon hydrotherapy. Another way is to get an ionic foot bath. Both of these methods certainly have their perks.

We are often asked if it’s best to complete both a colon hydrotherapy session and an ionic foot bath together or not. That’s a difficult question to answer for many reasons. For starters, each detoxification method has its own benefits. If one is experiencing constipation for example, the ability to expel waste through the help of a colon hydrotherapy would absolutely be the best thing to do.

If on the other hand it came down to detoxifying the buildup of toxins and other substances from the feet, then an ionic footbath would be the best option.

You don’t have to combine these detoxifying methods if you don’t need to.

What is an Ionic Foot Bath?

Ionic foot baths are machines that use ionization. Ionization sounds special but it just refers to water molecules that are in an electrolyte state. Think of it like this: water can be charged with positive or negative ions. As your body has its own positive and negative ions, and so does water itself, there is an interaction between the two.

When there is a blockage of toxins or substances in the feet, many other parts of the body can become negatively affected. However, those toxins can be removed from the feet through the process of osmosis.

With the help of an ionization footbath, the charge of the water can oscillate the ions within your body and its toxins so that they become dislodged. Toxins in the body can be anything from the buildup of dirt, grime, oil, and sweat. Toxins can also come into the body, and the feet, when walking barefoot over polluted areas whether they be water, dirt, or asphalt. It can even be as unexpected as the ozone that is produced in an Ozone generation jacuzzi. Yes, they have those! It’s always good to do your research and dig deep to avoid as many toxins as you can.

How does Using the Ionization Foot Baths Work?

When our clients get started with the ionic foot bath in our Las Vegas office, they place their feet into water that has the necessary charge of ions to help their bodies acclimate. The spa experience then begins, so our clients sit back and relax.

The footbath of ions takes about 20-30 minutes to help dislodge toxins, and the experience is safe and comfortable. However, many of our clients are surprised when they see the water change color. This is completely normal since different substances are represented in water through different colors.

Getting an Ionic Foot Bath in Las Vegas

To learn more about how our Ionic Detox Foot Bath can help, give us a call at 702-793-7549. Our team here at Slimming Colon Hydrotherapy is ready to help answer your questions or schedule a session to meet your needs.

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