FAQ About Colonics

Even though colon hydrotherapy machines were created over 100 years ago, not everybody knows what they are, what their benefits are, and how they work. After receiving hundreds of questions about what we do and how we do it, we’ve decided to put this page together to help clear it up for newcomers.

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Are there other names for Colon Hydrotherapy?

You may have heard of this practice being referred to as a colonic, as a colon irrigation, a high enema, or even as colon cleansing. All of these terms are synonymous for the practice known as “colon hydrotherapy.”

How does colon hydrotherapy work?

We use a state-of-the-art lower intestine elimination system known as LIBBE. This system, in conjunction with the help of a professional hydrotherapist, can help remove waste buildup in the lower intestine. It accomplishes this through filtered warm water that hydrates waste, dissolves it, and gently removes it in a session that lasts for around 45-60 minutes.

Is a colon hydrotherapy session better than using laxatives?

Laxatives cause contractions of the colon muscles which can become weakened over time. Although laxatives may be used by people who need immediate relief, such as on a hiking trip where other options aren’t available, they aren’t a long-term solution.

Colon hydrotherapy uses a gentle process that helps clear the colon of toxins with warm water. Because this is gentler than laxatives which can damage muscles, and we’ve experienced the reliable results of colonics first-hand; a colonic is better than using laxatives.

What physical interaction do I have with the colon hydrotherapy machine?

After arriving to our office, getting checked in, and settled in your room, you’ll be given a gown to dress with in private. Then our therapist will guide you to the LIBBE table which you’ll be instructed to sit down on. The LIBBE system is a lot like a massage table.

The next steps come with your colon hydrotherapist producing a brand-new and sterile tube to use during the colonic. This tube is unpackaged in front of you and then your therapist will guide you through the process needed to get the tube inserted into the lower intestine

Brand new and sterile lubrication is provided as well. Not to mention that we also provide a blanket and pillow for your comfort.

In order to make the process of inserting the tube as gentle as possible, you’ll be instructed to breath in and breath out, and to gently insert the lubricated tube on the exhale. The tube is called a “speculum” and that head is then attached to tubing that’s connect to our LIBBE system.

How much water is used in a colon hydrotherapy session?

Typically, our therapists will infuse about 5 to 20 gallons of water into the colon. The exact amount of water used depends on what is comfortable to your body.

What happens when my colon is full of water?

When your colon is full, you’ll let your hydrotherpist know so that you can begin to push the water out of your colon.

As your colon expels the waste and water, another filling will take place. Throughout the session you’ll go through fillings of the colon with water as well as eliminations of that water. We supplement the process with abdominal massages to ensure that the colonic clears everything from the system and is also as comfortable as possible.

Do you use a closed or an open system?

We use an open system. This means that after the water is inserted into the lower intestine you will push it out into a basin. Everything is done while laying back and is a simple process to follow along with.

How do I prepare for a colon hydrotherapy?

To learn how to prepare for a colon hydrotherapy and what to do afterwards, please visit our dedicated page on our site. We cover details regarding what you should eat, how much you should drink, and what to expect.

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